Molto al Dente

by Lyndsey Walsh,

tooth-sized 3D-bioprinted items in pitri dish

3D Bio-Printing

Molto Al Dente is a project series investigating the process of 3D bioprinting teeth. Different types of teeth designs were 3D modeled in Autodesk Maya and were 3D printed using a hydrogel blend (bioink) of alginate and gelatin.

The project was a design investigation into the complexities of realizing 3D bioprints for stem cell application and the formation of distinct bodily structures. The name of the project series Molto Al Dente is a playful joke by Walsh about outcome of these structures being too “undercooked” for the successful development of laboratory grown teeth for her Return of the Teratoma project series.

This work was made in collaboration with scientific researchers at Dr. Barry Doyle’s Laboratory at the Perkins Institute who have developed the special hydrogel blend and technology used for this project.