Return of the Teratoma: The Exhibition

by Lyndsey Walsh, 2018

Return of the Teratoma: Exhibition View

Exhibition view

photo by Peter Cheng

The Teratoma is back! Rising up from the oozing liquid of the Nutrient Medium, the monster mass of cells is unleashed into the gallery. In her SymbioticA graduation exhibition, Lyndsey Walsh investigates narratives about how living entities are made in the laboratory and what aesthetic connotations are associated with them.

Lyndsey Walsh’s works move through the different stages of development and form-making of in vitro entities. Finally, her work positions in vitro life-forms back into human society in the form of the Teratoma as a creature displaced from its context. A monster haunting the human bodies that it no longer inhabits.

Scientific Collaborators:

Dr. Stuart Hodgetts (Assoc. Prof.) from The Spinal Cord Repair Laboratory, The School of Human Sciences at the University of Western Australia and the Perron Institute of Neurological and Translational Sciences, Perth, WA.

Dr. Carla Mellough from the Lion’s Eye Research Institute, Harry Perkins Institute, Perth, WA.