Lyndsey Walsh is an American artist, writer, and researcher based in Berlin, DE. Lyndsey has a Bachelor’s in Individualized Studies from New York University and a Master’s in Biological Arts with Distinction from SymbioticA Centre of Excellence in Biological Arts at the University of Western Australia. Lyndsey is enthralled by the ruptures in the corporeality of culture caused by technology. They are also fixated on the creatures that are born from these ruptures, as they embody both collective cultural fears and technologically mediated desires.

Lyndsey’s practice employs queer and intersectional feminist frameworks to question the tensions that can exist surrounding these creatures whose very existence resists cultural and anthropocentric binaries of human-non-human, diseased-healthy, and life-machine. Currently, Lyndsey is a visiting scholar and researcher with the Department of Experimental Biophysics at Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, and they guest lecture at various institutions and universities. Their work has been exhibited globally and featured in art events and with institutions such as Frieze Art Week New York, the Humboldt Forum, the Ural Biennial, the Berlin Biennale, Transmediale/CTM, and more.

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Lyndsey is an American artist, designer, writer/editor, and lecturer based in Berlin, DE. Their work explores the instability surrounding the cultural and social aspects of disease, identity, the body, death, human and non-human relationships, and speculative narratives on the future. Currently, Lyndsey is a visiting scholar and the resident artist at theDepartment of Experimental Biophysics at Humboldt Universität zu Berlin in collaboration with the UniSysCat Cluster of Excellence, and they guest lecture at various institutions and universities. Lyndsey is also a contributing writer for CLOT Magazine.

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There’s something lurking in the shadows. It knows where you work. It knows where you live. It’s even gotten inside your house. Don’t close your eyes. Don’t look away.

The Teratoma is back!

Rising up from the oozing liquid of the Nutrient Medium, the monster mass of cells has been unleashed!

The teratoma, a cancerous mass of mixed tissues, can now be grown in the laboratory but has become a creature displaced from its context, haunting the human bodies that it no longer inhabits. Return of the Teratoma is a fictional horror series and exhibition featuring laboratory-grown Retinal Organoids made from Human Embryotic Stem Cells and laboratory-grown “teeth”.

The horror film at the center of the series of works depicts CCTV footage where the “Teratoma” can be spotted haunting and lurking in the background of a macroscopic human world. The exhibition also features a living performance of "The Hanging Drop" experiment, as well as some of the research of Walsh’s exploration of laboratory-grown bodies and tissues.

This work was made in collaboration with Dr. Stuart Hodgetts (UWA Spinal Cord Repair Laboratory and Perron Institute), Dr. Carla Mellough (Lion’s Eye Research Institute and Perkins Research Institute, and Mark Depasquale (video producer and editor) with the support of SymbioticA Centre of Excellence in Biological Arts and the University of Western Australia.

Featuring an original soundscape by Braden Bjella.

Return of the Teratoma debuted as part of Lyndsey Walsh’s solo exhibition “Return of the Teratoma” at the Moores Building in Fremantle, WA, Australia. 

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